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4 thoughts on “ESL Job Opps in Madeenah KSA

  1. assalamu alaikum..
    I’ve recently and by accident stumbled onto tnis grreat blog. I loved reading all the comments and info posted on it especially about jeddah.. because i was looking for things to do here too. i thought of sharing the site address of the official jeddah festival activities which i recently found. I hope it will be helpful in some way.. have fun!


  2. As salaamu ‘alaikum. Jobs in Madeenah, Saudi British School…send your CV’s, here: director.sbc@gmail.com

    I can’t answer any questions about this offer except that they are looking for males only, so please send all of your inquiries to the address above.

    Job Offer for Couples: Skyline Tech Solutions – Tabuk University Must be British or Canadian. abakran@skylinetechsolutions.com

    Join the Muhaajir E-group for more job listings and hijrah related info. See the “links” section of the blog.


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