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Where to Purchase Hijaamah Kits

Local pharmacies such as An Nahdi, Sudais and Saidaleeyah Daan have cupping kits of good quality for sale. The kits can be purchased by the general public, no license or special paperwork needed. Know that “in-house cupping” is against the law here in Saudi ‘Arabia, however, you may buy your own kit to be utilized by a specialist during treatments. Cupping centers have the necessary equipment available, but if you’re hesitant about sterilisation procedures, bring your own kit.

Cupping Points

Cupping Points

I purchased a kit from An Nahdi Pharmacy in Hayy Na’eem for 225 SAR. Don’t allow the price to frighten you away, the effects of cupping are priceless and its benefits numerous. My kit came with a diagram, brief how to guide which focused mainly on dry cupping and cupping massage, 17 plastic cups and a manual pump.

I’ll give details regarding the cupping points in a separate post.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Cupping Centers

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