Family Oriented Fun: Nawrus Fishing Boat

As salaamu ‘alaikum.

The Nawrus Fishing Boat

Andalus Playa Marina – Holds 4 passengers plus the skipper.

Booking Contact: Muhammad 699 2174 ext #300 or ext #257

If you don’t want to rent a boat, you can always fish on the North and South side of the Coriniche.


3 thoughts on “Family Oriented Fun: Nawrus Fishing Boat

  1. awww ukhtee…
    when i read your posts i just feel like coming rite now to Jeddah. please make a special duaa’ that Allaah makes it possible for us to make hijrah to the mamlakah soon inshaAllaah. when i do, we can go fishing together one day *smiles*

    jazakAllah for making the place alive for us and allowing us to peep in ur lil world.

    ma as salaamah
    south africa

  2. As salaamu alaiki

    Please tell me you went fishing and had a wonderful time. I want to go fishing sooo bad but not on a boat (bad experience) <— must admit I am a landlover.

    Na’am, yaa Ukhti, you make Jeddah so inviting. You are definitely a valuable resource. May Allah increase you, ameen.

    Umm Mu’awiyyah – Hadramout, Yemen

  3. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

    Aabida – yes, I’ll make du’aa for you and your family bi idhnillaah. If you come to town E-mail me and I’ll send you my tele#.

    Some of the boats have screens making it very easy for women to sit out on deck in the shade while enjoying the view. Lunch followed by a nice cup of tea on a smooth sailing boat sounds soooo relaxing. Hold on a sec….ok I’m back from daydreaming…really, I had to pause for minute:)

    Umm Mu’awiyyah – jazaakillaahu khairan for your comments. I’ve never been on a boat here, but as soon as my hubby’s work schedule calms down we’ll try to go In Shaa Allaah. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed was Salaatul Maghrib at the beach. Watching the sun slowly set, disappearing as if it went into the sea was truly amazing, Tabaarakallaah.

    I also love to see families pray together on the beach in their huge bedu tents. An old man leading his children and many grandchildren in prayer is a ni’mah.

    The locals know how to deck out a tent by the way. They come complete with furniture, hanging lights, and carpets…they even serve coffee and will roast their own lamb over an open fire. So, if you come to Jeddah, have a picnic at the beach In Shaa Allaah, you’ll love it.


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