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Arabic Names of Common Herbs, Supplements & Vitamins Part 2

Yes, you can find common herbs and supplements in Saudi. GNC has them. If you’re looking for things like fresh Lavender or Hibiscus then, check the sooq. I only know GNC to carry pills and liquid extracts, Wallaahu Aa’lam. The ‘Arabs call GNC “Armaal.”
Call to find one near you (KSA): 800 – 124 – 8444
 Arabic Names of Common Herbs, Supplements & Vitamins
Part 2
Beta Carotene – بيتا كروتين
Burdock Root –  أرقطيون
Calcium – الكالسيوم
Dandelion – أنياب الأسد – هندباء
Echinacea – إكناسيا – حشيشة القنفذ 
Flax Seed Oil – زيت الكتان
Folic Acid – حامض الفولك
Ginseng – الجنسنغ – الجنسنج (I’ve seen it spelled both ways, Allaahu Aa’lam.)
Hawthorne – الزعرور البري
Iron – الحديد
Nettle – القراص
Magnesium – ماغنسيوم
Potassium – بوتاسيوم
Red Clover – نفل المروج
Soy – الصويا
Vitamin A – فيتامين أ
Vitamin B1 – فيتامين ب ا  (Use ‘Arabic numbers for the rest of the “B’s”, like B5 = ب ه etc.)
Vitamin C – فيتامين ج
Vitamin D – فيتامين د
Zinc – زنك

12 thoughts on “Arabic Names of Common Herbs, Supplements & Vitamins Part 2

  1. looking for herbs in arabic names please provide me

    thank you

  2. hi good day to everyone!im looking for this herbs in jeddah but i dont know what are their arabic names,kindly translate this please;
    -Astragalus roots
    -Eleuthero( Siberian Ginseng)
    -Rhodiola Rosea
    Thank you in advance!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Century (plant) – 1. Aghaaful Amreekee. 2.Baahirah al Amreekiyyah.

    Siberian Ginseng = Jinsenj as Siybeeree.

    Some people spell and pronounce Ginseng with the letter Ghayn instead of Jeem – Ghinsengh.

    Astragalus Root – Jidhr (some say jadhr) Astroojaalus.

    As for the others, I am clueless. GNC may be able to assist you. Their staff speaks English. Here is the telephone number for the Sawary branch (Jeddah): 02 692 4528.

  4. Hi my brothers and Sister.

    I am looking for arabic names of ‘Tribulus Terrestris’ , rosehip , melissa..

    Hoping to hear from the one who will help me in learing of these words

    Best Regards

  5. GNC claims that Rosehip is فيتامين ج Feetaameen Jeem – Vitamin C.

    Tribulus Terrestris is تربيولاس – I am not sure in regards to proper pronunciation. Please call GNC for assistance.

    Melissa (a.k.a Lemon Balm) is ميليسا – Meeleesaa.

  6. Brief Updates:

    Astragalus is very beneficial for one’s health. Its “Ribbons” are useful as well. They (the ribbons) are known in ‘Arabic as “Katheeraa ‘Iraani.” The ribbons are placed in hot sterile water and after becoming a thick gel-like matter, it’s applied to the scalp, left for some time, then rinsed. It is known as “Katheeraa” (meaning a lot, much, plenty, etc…) because it is said to rapidly promote hair growth. The price of Katheeraa ‘Iraani has doubled due to supply and demand. I’ll elaborate on it in the future In Shaa Allaah.

    There are other names for Lemon Balm/Melissa. I’ll update soon In Shaa Allaah.

    As for Tribulus, it is pronounced in ‘Arabic basically the way it is pronounced in English, Wallaahu Aa’lam.

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