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Oppressed by Your Employer? Get Legal Advice

 ‘Arab News – “Law & You.”
Some employers oppress their employees and unfortunately some employees accept it because they don’t know what to do about it. Well, you can write in ‘Arab News and get legal advice. Here’s an example:
Law and You by Mohammed Jaber Nader
Question by A. N. I came here and joined a company with a specified-period contract of one year. I passed the probation period successfully and became a full employee. I am here in Jeddah and my contract says I am not to be transferred anywhere else, but my company wanted to transfer me to a rural area. I refused and the company fired me for disobedience with a one-month notice. Can they do this? What are my entitlements in this situation?

Answer: This is clear in Article 58 of the Labor Law: Your company cannot transfer you without your written consent. Furthermore, your company is breaching the contract so you are entitled to full pay up to the last day of the contracted period, your end-of-service benefit, payment for any vacation time you did not take (unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, 21 days per year), and a ticket home. You may also return to work in the Kingdom without a non-objection certificate or waiting period.



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