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Teayana Restaurant

As salaamu ‘alaikum. We love this place. The food, teas, and desserts are very delicious Tabaarakallaah. I’ll write about our experience soon In Shaa Allaah.

Teayana – 

teaDeeply rooted in Saudi culture, tea drinking is big business in the Kingdom with an annual market value of approximately SR 1 billion, a figure which is continuously growing due to increasing consumer demand for quality, freshness, variety and innovation. 

A leading family business and a highly regarded specialist in tea, Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & Co. combines passion and expertise to meet growing consumer demand by leading product development and innovation. Alongside its existing business, the company recently launched Teayana, a first-of-its-kind gourmet tea shop and lounge.

Following the growing trend of eating out and the boom of coffee houses, Teayana is gaining a regular clientele of enthusiastic young generation members who are attracted by the appeal of being able to relax in a cool and inviting ambiance while they enjoy drinking their choice from the selection of the best teas, carefully hand-picked from the finest of the many thousands of tea estates around the world. Whether refreshing themselves in the lounge or choosing teas to take home, customers have the benefit of knowledgeable staff and a tea guide book to help them get the most out of their Teayana experience and discover the hidden treasures that are held in every cup.

Baeshen’s flagship tea brand Rabea complements its range of best sellers, such as Premium Long Leaf black tea and Express tea bags, with variants and specialties that include Green Tea, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Jasmine, and premium herbal teas such as Chamomile, Anise and Hibiscus. 

At its state-of-the-art factory in Jeddah, Baeshen leads the way in innovation and has installed the latest packaging technology to seal in the flavor of its tea. In March 2007 Baeshen introduced the first of its kind foil wrapped tea bags across its range that guarantees freshness to the last tea bag.

To unify the expanded range, AMS Baeshen has given its Rabea label a complete makeover and relaunched the product line with stand out new packaging that is designed to immediately attract the eye and convey Rabea’s brand equity, which is a combination of best quality and best taste.

“Rabea is a Saudi brand produced by a Saudi family for all those who really appreciate tea as more than just a strong, hot cuppa but as a delicious beverage that is to be sipped, savored and appreciated for its flavorful taste and refreshing qualities.” “We’re proud of our heritage, proud of our product and proud of the loyalty of our customers throughout the region,” said Thamer Temairik, Head of Marketing.

The global taste for tea is reflected in Saudi market growth, which coupled with the Kingdom’s high population growth is sure to keep sales on a continuous upward spiral, while brands such as Rabea continue to grow their market share with innovative additions to their product range.

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12 thoughts on “Teayana Restaurant

  1. nice web. i do really like it and i fell proid to be one af teayana team . we will be an intrnationl brand one day and ihope to be one of those who make the dream come true.keep it up

    teayana al- cornich (3)

  2. To the anonymous comment,

    If you want to become part of this succes story, you know what is left to be done.
    Talk to your managers directly and share your motivation…

    Keep it up and excellent work…
    Your team leader.


  3. To desert Diaries,

    Thank you for your comments, all. We will tell the chef about your comments.
    We really appreciate all comments, negative or positive. It will allow us always be alert and give the best out of Teayana; Our baby.

    Regards to all,


  4. Hey!!

    Nice website i love Teayanna. I was wonder if anyone could please give me their phone number!


    Mariam =D

  5. bonjour!j’aimerais savoir si il va y avoir un restaurant teayana en suiss?car j’habite a geneve et je suis une adepte de votre cuisine j’aime beaucoup se que vous faite!!!en attente d’une reponse qui je l’espere s’aura favorable…a bientot!

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