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Waei Launches Program to Help Married Couples

Waei Launches Program to Help Married Couples
Arab News
RIYADH, 22 March 2008 — The Social Enlightenment and Rehabilitation Society (Waei) launched in Riyadh on Thursday a program called The Family Leadership License Project with the aim of training young men and women intending to marry and helping recently married couples on how to make their family life a success.The program would educate the participants on how to solve the common psychological, financial, legal, and sexual problems faced by newly married people. It would enlighten them on the factors that would help them lead a normal family life. The chairman of the society, Ata Allah Al-Rohaily, said while addressing the third general body meeting of the society that he felt it was necessary to launch the project because of the increasing number of divorces and serious family problems among the newly married.

“The project aims to train 3,000 young people in 60 programs annually at different regions in the Kingdom. The society would issue certificates called ‘the license for family leadership’ on the successful completion of the course to each participant, Al-Watan daily quoted Al-Rohaily as saying.

The society would work in concert with other governmental and private organizations with the aim of helping people build a healthy family life.

Social experts in the society and volunteers from outside will supervise the program, he said.

In another development, Prince Faisal bin Salman, president of the executive committee of the Charitable Society for Orphan Care in Riyadh (Insan), will open today a branch of the society in Aflaj, according to Saleh Al-Yusuf, director general of the Insan society, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

“Since the founding of the society it has been striving to extend its services to all deserving orphans under a 10-point program and it is with this aim four branches are being opened in the Riyadh region,” Al-Yusuf said.

The first branch of the Insan society was opened in Al-Kharj three years ago. Later the society decided to open three more branches at Al-Zulfa, Aflaj and Dawadmi.

The opening function with the participation of the dignitaries from the Aflaj governorate aims at outlining the branch’s activities in the Aflaj governorate.

The director general appealed to philanthropists to support the numerous charitable and humanitarian activities of the society covering education, recreation, training, employment, aid — both in kind and cash.

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  1. Sidelights: SR20,000 Reward for Second Marriage
    Arab News

    TAIF, 11 May 2008 — A group of tribesmen in the southern Taif area have rallied together and developed a novel way of ensuring that spinsters find grooms. In order to encourage men to take second wives, the tribesmen, who belong to one of the largest tribes in the area, have decided to offer SR20,000 to anyone who takes a second wife. Awad Al-Lahiby told Al-Madinah newspaper that he and a couple of his cousins are funding the award, which will be given two months before the wedding. He added that the purpose of the award is to make marriage easy in order to reduce the number of single women in their tribe.


    Sidelights: Tribe Imposes Fine to Counter Rocketing Dowry Demands
    Arab News

    AL-BAHA, 27 May 2008 — Faced with a barrage of complaints from young men who are unable to marry due to high dowry demands, a tribe in this southern Saudi city has ruled that tribe members wishing to get married cannot pay more than SR50,000 in dowry, the Al-Madinah daily reported yesterday. Couples who exceed this limit will be asked to pay SR10,000 to the Al-Bir Charity which helps couples from low-income families get married. In Islam, a dowry is a mandatory gift of money, possessions or property made by the husband to the wife. It becomes her exclusive property. The amount of dowry given should not burden the groom. However, in recent years, increasingly extravagant dowry demands have become a major obstacle to marriage and many Saudi men have had to defer marriage because they are unable to afford the money demanded by the parents of their prospective bride and the costs of the ceremony itself.


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