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4 Day Women’s Health Conference in Jeddah

Breast Cancer Cases on the Rise
Arab News
JEDDAH, 8 March 2008 — Breast cancer tops the list of various types of cancers that Saudi women suffering from, accounting for 19 percent of the total, the National Registry for Cancer said.The registry pointed out that about nine percent of women in the world suffer from cancer. About a million new cancer cases appear every year worldwide and nearly 400,000 women die of breast cancer.

The registry’s findings come three days before a conference on women’s health in Jeddah. Princess Al-Anoud bint Abdullah, the wife of Makkah governor, will open the conference on Monday.

More than 300 women doctors and specialists are expected to participate in the four-day conference to be held at Lailaty Hall. Organized by King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Jeddah, the conference will include awareness programs on breast cancer, heart diseases, AIDS and family violence.

It will also offer free diagnosis for breast cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol, and hepatitis-B, organizers said.

2 thoughts on “4 Day Women’s Health Conference in Jeddah

  1. Dear person in charge
    I did’nt find any information regarding the registration for attendance this conference, the fees and the accomodation facilities.
    Since I am an Assisstant Professor in a College for girls I am interested to attend such topics, so please send me the answers for my inquiries.
    Dr. Amina

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