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Directory: Hospitals in Jeddah

As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I’ve never been to any of these hospitals…just sharing some info.

New Jeddah Clinic Hospital – 667-5888
GNP General Hospital – 6823200
Dr. Siddiqah Hospital – 6721763
Dr. Sulaiman Fakeeh Hospital – 6655000
Bugshan Hospital – 6691222
Al Hamra Hospital – 6653777
Dr. A. T. Bakhsh Hospital Group – 6510555
Al Amal Hospital Jeddah – 6544293
Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital – 6423555
Eed Clinic – Medical Surgery & Cosmetology Center – 6398858
Maghribi Medical Group – 6365000
Saudi German Hospital Group –  6829000  Fax: 6835874 & 6905038
Dr. Daghistani Hospital – 687-5255
King ‘Abdul ‘Azeez University Hospital – 687-1194
Dr. M. ‘Erfan Hospital – 682-5959
King Fahd Hospital –  665-6436

30 thoughts on “Directory: Hospitals in Jeddah

  1. Dear Haneefah! A.O.A! JazakaAllah i cannot express in words that how much iam thankful to you for sharing such useful information.May Allah Bless you with loads and load of Happiness.FeamanAllah

  2. You’re most welcome…glad to be of assistance, Alhamdulillaah.

    I thought I was up on my computer lingo, but A.O.A has me stumped:) What does it stand for?

    Jazaakillaahu khairan for your du’aa!


  3. Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.

    Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahe wabarakatuhu.

    I appreciate so much if anyone could share info about a good, affordable, female Muslim gynae in Jeddah. Also, is it possible to have a home birth here?

    Any info is greatly appreciated. Jazakunnallahu khayran.



  5. Jazakallah.may allah bestow on u tons of hapines.hey by the way i’m Dentist ny 1 guide me 4 a job in saudi arabia.

  6. Amber – you’re welcome.

    Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Umm Ahmed. Naseem Polyclinic was okay. I can’t say that they’re the best, but I appreciate the special services available there for women.

    As for home births…I can’t say for sure. I have to look into it, In Shaa Allaah. Wallaahu Aa’lam.

    Dr. Ihraz, Naseem Polyclinic is the only one that I’m privy to. Sorry, I can’t offer more information.

    Dr. Naveed – SA International

    Mirza – Aameen wa iyyaaki. I don’t have any real leads, however, try this…

  7. Im a Medical Technologist by profession, from Philippines. I will finish my 2nd contract as LabTech this 26th of Dec 2010. Kindly help me find a job in jeddah suited to my field (laboratory technician, medical lab tech, medical technologist, phlebotomist)in a governement/private hospitals/clinics/centers. I hope to be able to serve the medical needs of the people in jeddah. Thank you.

  8. hello!im a nurse and i jus wan to know if theres BAGOBO OR BAGOBOH MEDICAL HOSPITAL in jeddah! im not sure with the spelling,but it is pronounced something like that!thnx

  9. salaam there can u please help me to search for security hospital in jeddah..i mean which of the hospital is under ministry of interior…plz help bcz i need postal address of the same.

  10. Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..dear sister Haneefa..would you happen to know any orphanages and children’s hospitals in jeddah or other charities? BarakaAllahu feek

  11. Shaan – Security Forces Hosp. Program Jobs

    Tas – Thanks a bunch for helping Venus.

    MD Hasham Hussain & Irene – perhaps you’ll find something here.

    Umm Mustafa – Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Humanitarian Orgs. in KSA. Search that site for other listings such as hospitals and orphanages as well. Wa feeki baarakallaah.

  12. as salaamualaikum wa rakmathullaahi wa batakaatuh. my name is shamima isaacs and im from south africa, i am a qualified medical technician in the discipline microbiology and want to employment in saudi arabia. i have current registration with the medical board of south africa. can u pls help me find employment.


  13. AsSalaamualaikum Wa Rakmathullaahi Wa Batakaatuh all of U !!

    My name is Hajra and im from pakistan lived in jeddah,
    I am a qualified medical technician in the discipline microbiology.
    So can u pls find out me a job according to my profession.
    i shall be very thankful to you.

    Regard: Hajra

  14. assalaamulalaikum Hajra
    if u r enquiring about jobs in South Africa there are 3 pathology labs which include Ampath laboratories, Lancet laboratories and National health laboratory.
    did u work in a microbiology lab in jeddah and if so can u give me details as to how i need to go about applying.
    i really appreciate ure help

  15. Assalam mulalakum,
    I Am a British qaulified Dental Nurse looking for a position in Jeddah or any where in KSA.

    Thank You and Best Wishes Sara

  16. i need the cell no or email address of dr rehana nasreen abbasi , a pakistani doctor working in jaddah. names and email addresses of pakistani doctors presently working in jeddah’s hospitals.


  17. I’m not 100% sure, however, you may be able to find her via the telephone directory. Dial 905, then ask the operator if there’s a listing for Dr. Rehana N. Abbasi. She may have her own practice…Wallaahu Aa’lam.

  18. Assalam alikum sister Haneefa

    Please accept my apologies for posting this non related issue. Any info if the ministry of education in ksa allow international schools in jeddah/ksa to mix boys and girls for sporting activities such as swimming?

    Are they also allowed to have halloween and christams related activities at school such as bringing santa claus?

    My child is in an international school and these are pressing issues because i have no other option if i would like my child to attend a school with a classical british system/curriculum.

    Allah mustaan

  19. Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I’ll ask a few colleagues and get back to you as soon as I can. I don’t know much about international schools and what goes on inside them. I’ve heard some negative things but intermingling while swimming and a visit from Santa isn’t one of them.

  20. Hello! Searched for the best hospital in google and found your hospital like 2nd of 3 the best hospitals in Jeddah. My husband made an appointment at 22-15 Dr. Marwa in Gynaecology department OF SAUDI GERMANY HOSPITAL, and I would like to tell the following about my first experience: We came earlier at 21-50 than on the first floor at registration table, if you visit hospital at first time, they should make a card for you. We waited there around 20 minutes while SOME MAN from the reception was entering my Iqama number, name and date of birth and after ALL THAT 20 MINUTES WE NOTICED THAT MY SURNAME IS WRONG, IT SHOULD BE “LAPCHYK” THEY WROTE “ALPCHYK” of of course we decided DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME with that guy again … if HE COULDNT WRITE MY NAME FROM THE IQAMA…. Than we went upstairs 2 floor it was 22-10 and there AGAIN we stayed at the queue around 15 minutes ( our number was #65 in the queue and at that moment girls from the reception served ONLY # 39), we paid and went to the Dr. Marwa department and WE WERE REALLY SURPRISED WHEN GIRLS FROM THE GYNAECOLOGY DEPARTMENT DIDNT COME YET…… AND BEFORE US WAS ANOTHER COUPLE OF PEOPLE WHO ALSO WAITED FOR HER ….. SINCE 21-45 ….. WE SPENT ONE HOUR!!!!!!!! (EVEN WE MADE THE APPOINTMENT A FEW DAYS AGO….) JUST TO REACH DOCTOR AND ANYWAY SHE WASNT THERE….SO WE RETURNED OUR RECEIPT BACK AND AFTER THAT ONE GIRL CALLED TO THE DOCTOR AND THAT DR. MARWA SAID THAT SHE WILL BE IN 10 MINUTES….. I DIDNT UNDERSTAND WHY WE SHOULD WAIT ANOTHER 10 MINUTES WHILE SHE COMES + ANOTHER COUPLE OF PEOPLE TO SERVE…..??!!! WO WE SHOULD WAIT FOR ANOTHER 1 HOUR OR WHAT??? WE FACED VERY VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE AND THIS IS 100% THAT I WILL NOT RECOMMEND YOUR HOSPITAL TO OUR FRIENDS!!!!! IN MY COUNTRY WHEN YOU MADE THE APPOINTMENT – THIS IS YOUR RESERVED TIME WHEN YOUR DOCTOR SERVE YOU… HERE REALLY DISGUSTING!!!!!!! WE JUST SPOILED OUR MOOD BY VISITING YOUR HOSPITAL AND OUR TIME!!!! TIME WAS ESPECIALLY BOOKED BECAUSE MY HUSBAND SHOULD RUN TO WORK ….. IF YOU DONT RESPECT YOUR PATIENTS AND THEIR TIMES….. NO MORE WORDS TO SAY… GOODBYE!

  21. i need the cell no and email address of dr rehana nasreen abbasi presently working in govt hospital in jeddah

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