Photos of “Fun Times” Family Center

As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. After the Friday prayer last week, my family and I went for a drive along the Coriniche. My husband spotted an A & W restaurant, so we decided to get some food to go. To our surprise, A & W is just an eatery inside a big family center called “Fun Times.” No one was there but a few workers, so we went in to eat. I snapped a few pictures for you. I was not expecting to see all of this….. 


After we ate, we took a quick stroll around the place for a few more photos, then left before the crowd started to come. In Shaa Allaah I’ll share more photos soon.

Please ignore the “make your own with music videos,” and the “join my fans list” messages. These are from Slide dot com – not me.



2 thoughts on “Photos of “Fun Times” Family Center

  1. as salaamu alaiki ‘Cake’…I love you all the time. Thank you for the photos of the FunTimes Family Center. I would have had to be carried out of there on a stretcher because of the handbags and jewelry display booths – the handbags were off the chain…handbags….sigh…one of my weakspots…a fitnah for me…poor DH just shakes his head. Nice photos and now I know about the wordpress weblog. thanks baby. you are a peach and i love you and your mom all the time. Umm Saaalih Pittsburgh PA USA

  2. Wa ‘alaikis salaamu wa barakaatuh. You’re most welcome yaa Umm Saalih.

    The handbags and jewelry…my, my, my…good thing the place was closed when I was there…smiles.

    I’m happy that you enjoyed the photos. I’ll share more soon In Shaa Allaah. I’d like to show the other side of Jeddah…the not so glitzy neighborhoods, the alley way marketplaces – the real deal. I don’t want people to think that all of Jeddah is like “Bel Air.”

    May He for whom you loved us for love you, aameen!


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