FYI / Girls Only

FYI on Gold & Silver Jewelry

jewels I’d like to share the following excerpts with my sisters in Islaam, as there are some who believe that the Muslimah must pay Zakaah on her everyday jewelry. In Shaa Allaah you’ll benefit from this info.
  • Women are allowed to wear Gold and Silver in whatever way they are accustomed to.
  • Allaah has permitted adornment to them absolutely. Muslim scholars have unanimously agreed.
  • No Zakaah is to be given from Gold or Silver jewelry of women if used for ornaments or lending.
  • Using Gold for adornment is not an act of investment, but a lawful act that resembles wearing a suit, having servants and possessing houses for dwelling.
If the jewelry is set to be used for the purposes of renting, spending, (in case of need), possessing, saving, or is meant for any purposes other than those of using and lending, then it is subject to the original ruling of giving Zakaah and Zakaah is to be observed.

Excerpts taken from Shaykh Fawzaan’s Mulakhkhas al Fiqh
Vol. #1
Chapter #4 – Zakaah Gold & Silver
Page 343

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