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Natural Remedies from the Locals Part 1

natural remediesRemedies from the Locals……

  1. Garlic for Rapid Hair Growth: Apply finely chopped or pureed Garlic mixed with a little bit of water to the scalp, massage the head, leave on for a while, then rinse. Repeat as you like.
  2. Castor Oil for Hair Growth: Apply pure Castor Oil mixed with Olive Oil (or any essential oil you prefer) to the scalp, massage the head…style as usual.
  3. Natural Hair Conditioner: Take dry Karkadee Leaves (Hibiscus), grind them into a powder then add a sufficient amount of water to make a paste. Apply it to your hair, cover it with a plastic cap and allow it to sit for a while then rinse. In Shaa Allaah your hair will be very soft. Don’t worry, your hair will not turn red unless you mix the Karkadee with Henna.
  4. Black Seed for Diabetes: Grind up 1 tablespoonful of Black Seed, add to boiling water, then steep it as if it were coffee. Drink 3x’s a day. *This tip was taken from an herbalist who refers to medical books written by Muslim doctors, Maa Shaa Allaah.* More on Diabetes.
  5. Weight Loss: Drink 1 glass of water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of Honey with every meal.
  6. Sciatica: Take 8 cloves of Garlic, add them to 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 cup of Honey. Blend well. Place the mixture in a glass jar, then store it in the refrigerator for 5 days. Mix 2 tablespoonfuls in a glass of water or juice.
  7. Joint Pain: My ahaadeeth teacher once told me that the ‘Arabs use Za’tar to soothe joint pain. They mix it with Olive Oil, place it on the joint, then cover it with a bandage. This should be done for 3 nights In Shaa Allaah, Wallaahu Aa’lam.

Some Info taken from Wiki Pedia Org: Za’tar (زعتر) is a popular mixture of spices that originated in the Middle East. In ‘Arabic, Za’tar refers to Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Green za’tar mixture is traditionally composed of dried thyme (Thymus vulgaris), toasted white sesame seeds, and salt. Some sources additionally list savory, hyssop, oregano, cumin, and fennel seed — to name a few. Red za’tar is made with dried thyme with the addition of sumac. Different versions of za’tar will differ greatly in proportions. Like most English words from Semitic languages, there exist alternate spellings: zaatar, za’atar or zahatar.

End Quote

The locals use an oil called “Balsam al ‘Arabee” made by doctors here in the Kingdom. Subhaanallaah, it does wonders for pain by Allaah’s Permission and cures children of illnesses that delay their ability to walk. I will research the ingredients as best as I can In Shaa Allaah, perhaps it is made with something we’re already familiar with but never tried. Allaahu Aa’lam. Always seek professional medical advice for your own individual case.



6 thoughts on “Natural Remedies from the Locals Part 1

  1. salaamu alaikum Haneefah
    we did one of our monthly food shopping and while hubby was in the market i went across the hallway area or next door to the riyal’aan shop (that was calling me like crack) lol well anway while in there i came across some hair oils for 5 riyals which would of normally cost 10 -15- or 20 riyals so you know i cleaned up shop
    i plan togo back again next month(april) and re-up and see if i can get some new ones that i couldnt get due to time( you know u got a time limit when u out with hubby so i had todo a supermarket sweep)

    i brought the following oils
    ( some are mixed oils so ill try my best to type out the arabic)
    can you tell me how they are pronounced (the ones that does not have transileration aka Englabic

    garlic oil:Zait al-Thoom-زيت الثوم
    castor oil: Zait Al-Kharwa Al Asli-زيت الخروع الاصلي الروض
    rosemary oil- زيت اكليل الجبل
    mahaleb oil- زيت المحلب
    wheat germ oil-زيت جنين القمح

    black braid oil(mixer)
    black cumin oil/gingeer oil زيت الجرجير/زيت الحبة السوداء
    almond oil/catus oil زيت اللوز/زيت الصبار
    al-kharwaa oil/ coconut oil زيت الخروع /زيت النارجيل
    sunflower oil/olive oil زيت دوار/زيت الزيتون
    henna oil/al-nikhaa oil and garlic oil/al- hodos oil زيت الحناء /زيت الثوم/زيت هدس

    wild herbs oi oil(mixer)
    ingredients not listed just says nautural herbs and terrestrial flowers

    All of most of the oils are products of Baqais Factory for Perfumes and Hair Oil (Jeddah KSA)

    while 2 of them are imports from pakisatan

    i like most of them so far and i just love the smell of the mahaleb oil i have oil the oils mixed in a mustard/ketcup squeeze bottle (the red and yellow ones) mixed with water and a lil cheap conditoiner to use as a leave in for me and girls hair, i plan to buy a spray bottle but i 4got when i saw all those oils

    inshallah ill get one next time and transfer it to the spray bottle to make a spray

  2. im very interested in number 5 from the list

    #5 Weight Loss: Drink 1 glass of water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of Honey with every meal.

    have you tried this,what was your results and ur side effects? and will this effect a person’s workout routine like make them dehydrate ?

  3. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Wow. I don’t recall seeing those goodies at the one near my home. :)

    List of Hair Oils 1

    Zayt al Khirwa’ – Castor Oil

    Zayt Ikleel al Jabal – Rosemary

    Jilsireen – Glycerin

    Zayt Janeen al Qamh – Wheatgerm Oil

    Zayt al Mahlab – Monechma Ciliatum (Black Mahlab) and Prunus Mahlab (White mahlab). *Some call it Mahaleb. Allaahu Aa’lam.

    Black Cumin is Black Seed.

    Zayt al Jirjeer – Watercress Oil/Rocket Oil.

    Zayt al Looz – Almond Oil

    Zayt as Subbaar (also pronounced Subaar) – Cactus Oil (The Indian Fig)

    Zayt an Naarajeel (also Naarajeelah) – Coconut Oil. It’s also called Zayt Jawz al Hind, Jawz Hindi, Jawzatul Hind. I see this more on hair care products than Naarajeel, Wallaahu Aa’lam.

    Zaytu Dawwaarush Shams – Sunflower Oil (more info here one Henna Oil, Garlic Oil, etc…)

    I have to look into Hodas and Nikhaa Oil, In Shaa Allaah.

    I drank Apple Cider Vinegar/water as an energizer and because it makes the skin glow forgetting that it speeds up the metabolism. Yes, it works ukhtee. No side effects for me…everyone’s different, so talk to someone specializing in this field if you can In Shaa Allaah.

    I don’t know if it’ll dehydrate you. Drink lots of water. More on natural weight loss.

  4. wow subhanallah this email sure did ger buried in my inbox
    so excuse me for just now replying Mashallah Jazakallahu Khair for the name list, i was surely ready to go get them oils again but when we went back to the shopping center that store was ghost “grand opening” grand closing” you know things are like that here so now i gotta find another place to me some oils at a cheap price, alhumdullilah at least i was able to get the ACV from the market and honey so i’ll be trying that drink soon and see how it goes
    i’ll also be looking at the other weight lost link you mentioned

    i was thinking about goto the pharamcy and getting some greentea (yes it will cost more there ) but havent found it at the market place or stores on the street

  5. Yes, here today – gone tomorrow. It’s almost always like that when you favorite something in the Kingdom.

    I see Green Tea specialty stores all over Jeddah. You may have gone by one where you are without realizing it, Wallaahu Aa’lam.

    Is there a Hyper-Panda supermarket near you? If so, check the fruit/veggie section. There may be a booth of some sort near the spinaches and parsleys. I saw fresh Green Tea Leaves (Shaay Akhdhar) and other goodies like Watercress and herbs I have yet to explore.

    Most, if not all supermarkets have a specialty section not far from the cakes and breads or fruits and veggies. You’ll find all types of dried herbal teas, nuts, beans, herbs, coffees and spices. I recall seeing some Green Tea there as well.

  6. I f I want to order the black braid oil how can I order/purchase it from UK …do you have a number or website I can order it from

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