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Tips to Improve Listening & Note Taking

Tips to Improve Listening and Note Taking

A well-organized lecture is like a well-written essay. Both have the same structure and development. To listen efficiently, the student must recognize what this structure and development entails.

Lecture Organization Implications
1. Introduction Sets the social situation; establishes context
2. Thesis Topic; main idea
3. Body Development of main idea-not more than six points
4. Summary Restates, lists, summarizes, and/or gives significance
5. Irrelevancies Digressions, jokes, stories

Not all lectures are well organized. If this is the case, the student should try to identify important points through the instructor’s delivery cues.

Delivery Clues Identification
1. Visual What is written on the board or overheads
2. Vocal Transitional words which key students to main ideas; repetition of ideas or phrases; pauses; voice level and speed
3. Postural Hand gestures; the way instructor moves in class

Source: Oregon State’s Academic Success Center


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