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A Lil Saudi Post History

As salaamu ‘alaikum. Here’s a little lesson in Saudi’s “Mail History.”


Saudi Post: The history of the Saudi Post as one of the major saudi companies goes back to before the establishment of Saudi ‘Arabia. Before King ‘Abdul ‘Aziz entered Riyaadh in 1898, some merchants had already provided voluntary postal services. White fabric bags were placed at the Justice Square (As-Safa) labeled with the city or village name. The senders used to put their letters in the bags, which were then taken to the relevant villages on camels or donkeys.

Later on, mailing services was deploying trains on the railways connecting Jeddah, Madinah and Damascus. Mail between Jeddah and Egypt used to be carried weekly by Italian, Egyptian and Indian ferry companies. By that time, the Saudi post services reached as far as Port Sudan and India.

The first Saudi postal stamp was issued in 1913. Then, in 1927, the Saudi post joined the Universal Postal Union; and in 1933, the Postal Works Directorate was established. In 1952, the postal service was transferred from the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Department to the Ministry of Communications. Since 1969, the Saudi Post witnessed vast quantitative and qualitative developments. Notably, the first independent budget for the Saudi post was announced in 1971, after the formation of the General Directorate of Post. Three years later, the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone was established by the Royal Order No. 236/O. Saudi Post’s Express Mail Service, which is still their most used service today, was launched in 1983.

Since 2005, the Saudi Postal Corporation (SPC) established a number of new departments and launched even more new services, while also announcing their new project of addresses and post delivery to business and residential areas.

“Saudi Arabia has just recently begun to explore the field of direct mail and already we can see the advantages it has over other forms of communication” Yousef Hamidaddin CEO of DM.

Source: Direct Mail KSA Web Site

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