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Hair Care Products?

comb-and-brush.jpgAs salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Hair care products are a major concern for a lot of sisters. Na’am akhawaat, these products are readily available here in Saudi.


You can purchase a “Soft N Beautiful” no lye cream relaxer at any grocery store. All the supermarkets and pharmacies carry just about every name brand relaxer you’re used to. No, I did not see “Hawaiian Silky,” but I think I saw “Motions” and a straightening comb in Sooq al Yemen.


The women here are no different than the women in the West when it comes to girly things. They have perms, little pink sponge and plastic rollers, gel, hair spray, pink hair lotion, hair grease, hair dyes, kits for highlights, shower and silk caps, flat irons, blow dryers and beeswax for my sisters who love to keep it natural.


There are bows, headbands, ribbons, barrettes, “ballies” sparkly bobby pins, clips and “Just for Me” for your girls too.


If you bring your plug in curlers (or anything with a cord attached) be prepared to purchase many outlet adapters. The sockets here are not like the sockets in the West. We have 2 or 3 prong sockets that can stand only 110 – 220 volts. They tend to temporarily blow out some of the appliances, or catch a spark and melt the adapters. Be careful and try not to leave appliances plugged in after you’re done using them (something I often forget).


7 thoughts on “Hair Care Products?

  1. Chemicals in some baby creams, shampoos can be harmful
    The Associated Press
    Baby shampoos, lotions and powders may expose infants to chemicals that have been linked with possible reproductive problems, a small study suggests.

    The chemicals, called phthalates, are found in many ordinary products including cosmetics, toys, vinyl flooring and medical supplies. They are used to stabilize fragrances and make plastics flexible.

    In the study, they were found in elevated levels in the urine of babies who’d been recently shampooed, powdered or lotioned with baby products.

    Phthalates are under attack by some environmental advocacy groups, but experts are uncertain what dangers, if any, they might pose. The U.S. government doesn’t limit their use, although California and some countries have restricted their use.

    Animal studies have suggested that phthalates can cause reproductive birth defects, and some activists believe they may cause reproductive problems in boys and early puberty in girls.

    Rigorous scientific evidence in human studies is lacking. The current study offers no direct evidence that products the infants used contained phthalates, and no evidence that the chemicals in the babies’ urine caused any harm. Still, the results worried environmental groups that support restrictions on these chemicals.

    “There is an obvious need for laws that force the beauty industry to clean up its act,” said Stacy Malkan of Health Care Without Harm.

    The study’s lead author, Dr. Sheela Sathyanarayana, a University of Washington pediatrician, said, “The bottom line is that these chemicals likely do exist in products that we’re commonly using on our children and they potentially could cause health effects.”

    Babies don’t usually need special lotions and powders, and water alone or shampoo in very small amounts is generally enough to clean infant hair, Sathyanarayana said.

    Concerned parents can seek products labeled “phthalate-free,” or check labels for common phthalates, including DEP and DEHP.

    Labelling incomplete
    But the chemicals often don’t appear on product labels. That’s because retail products aren’t required to list individual ingredients of fragrances, which are a common phthalate source.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration “has no compelling evidence that phthalates pose a safety risk when used in cosmetics,” spokeswoman Stephanie Kwisnek said. “Should new data emerge, we will inform the public as well as the industry.”

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the health effects in humans are uncertain.

    “Although several studies in people have explored possible associations with developmental and reproductive outcomes (semen quality, genital development in boys, shortened pregnancy, and premature breast development in young girls), more research is needed,” a 2005 CDC report said.

    The new study, which appears in February’s issue of the journal Pediatrics, involved 163 babies. Most were white, ages two to 28 months and living in California, Minnesota and Missouri.

    The researchers measured levels of several phthalates in urine from diapers. They also asked the mothers about use in the previous 24 hours of baby products including lotions, powders, diaper creams and baby wipes.

    All urine samples had detectable levels of at least one phthalate, and most had levels of several more. The highest levels were linked with shampoos, lotions and powders, and were most prevalent in babies younger than eight months.

    John Bailey, chief scientist at the Personal Care Products Council, questioned the methods and said the phthalates could have come from diapers, lab materials or other sources.

    “Unfortunately, the researchers of this study did not test baby care products for the presence of phthalates or control for other possible routes of exposure,” Bailey said.

    © The Canadian Press, 2008

    As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Continue to check the labels akhawaat. May Allaah protect us from harm, aameen.

  2. Assalamaua laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..sister Haneefah do you know where i could fins African shea butter or cosmetics with black seed? jazakaAllahu khayr

  3. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. After nearly 4 years of searching I found some at Sooq al Marjaan in Hayy Safaa. A quarter kilo begins at 80 SAR.

    There are a few soaps and lotions made with Black Seed, but that’s about it. The lotions are not 100% herbal either.

    Jazaakillaahu khairal jazaa.

  4. Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..jazakaAllahu khayr sis inshaAllah i shall look for this souk..i need shea butter, but i shall concoct my own mixture with the black seed

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