The Quraan Vs. Music

As salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I was thinking about the beauty of the Quraan the other day and it caused me to reflect back to a time prior to being guided to the Sunnah. Before coming to learn that music was (and still is) haraam, I recall how people would complain over and over about the same songs being played on the radio. Some people would even make fun of singers or producers for redoing songs of the past. I can not recall – not even once – hearing a Muslim complain about hearing a Soorah over and over again. In fact, the same Soorah can be recited by many different reciters and each time our hearts would be filled with eemaan and the love of that Soorah would increase. How many of us can listen to Soorah Ar Rahmaan over and over again and never tire from it? We never say “Oh no, not Husarys’ Soorah al Layl again!”

“The Best Speech is the Book of Allaah…”

{Khutbatul Haajah}

A question that doesn’t require an answer:

  • Why is it that whichever Soorah you’re currently memorizing, all of a sudden it becomes your favorite?


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