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The “Beautiful Creatures” Zoo

The “Beautiful Creatures” Zoo



Morning visits on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are limited to female students (other days are for male students).  Some days the zoo welcomes the Qur’aan school students,  charitable organizations, and welfare houses. The zoo provides many accessible services to students, researchers in biology and sciences as it believes in the important role played by these institutions to contribute in the growth and development of the country.



The “Beautiful Creatures” Zoo lodges different species of animals, birds, reptiles and various water creatures. The zoo spreads over 16.000 square meter and is located at the end of Prince Muhammad Bin ‘Abdul ‘Azeez St. (Tahlia) at the far North-Western end of Ar Rihaab District.



The zoo consists of an open site from many directions which moderates the weather. The zoo includes a Masjid, many restaurants, cafeteria, electronic games, as well as section where visitors could buy domestic animals, ostrich breeding and hatching equipment. It also includes the “Mummified Animals Museum,” a huge cinema screen transmitting special programs on biology and natural life. The animals are closely controlled by a highly qualified veterinary team.



The zoo is also equipped with a ventilation system including many high towers that operate round the clock to clean the air. It also has sewage treatment and water sanitation systems for environment protection against pollution and recycling of water in order to increase green spaces.

*The info presented was taken from the Virtual Tourist Web Site.*

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